Sizes 16 - 20

It is important to make you aware that Bridal Wear size charts differ from one designer to another. This can also result in gowns being smaller than high street sizes. Therefore we always recommend that you, not only browse dresses in your size but to also look at a size or two up from your high street size.  

Doing this will also give you more wedding gown options, that you could have altered to fit at a later date. 


We have details of independent seamstresses should you wish to take your gown to, to have altered.


Please be advised that once a dress is sold they may no longer be available.

For available styles, sizes, colour and price of gowns below, click on individual images .

If full details are not provided then please call Lucy Hart Bridal on 01525 305008 and lucy will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Sincerity 3911
UK16 Ivory £1100
Sincerity 4010
UK16 Ivory £1050
Sincerity 4021
UK16 Ivory £1155
Sweetheart 5956
UK16 Alabaster £795
House of Nicholas 2106
UK16 Ivory
House of Nicholas 2105
UK16 Off White £595
House of Nicholas 1814
UK16 Ivory £595
Romantica Vienna
UK16 Ivory £595
Mori Lee 5612
UK16 Ivory £1120
Mori Lee 8175
UK16 Ivory £1550
Mori Lee 8208
UK16 Ivory £1550
Maggie Sottero Emma
UK16 Ivory £1250
Maggie Sottero Mercedes
UK16 Soft Blush
£1295 - 20% for sample gown, sold as seen!
Maggie Sottero Philomena
UK16 Ivory £1400
Maggie Sottero Reynolds
UK18 Ivory £1695
Maggie Sottero Tabrett
UK16 Ivory £1355
Maggie Sottero Viola
UK16 Ivory £1450
Alfred Angelo 'Snow White' 250_edited
UK16 Ivory £1100
House of Nicholas 2111
UK18 Ivory £595
House of Nicholas 2110
UK18 Ivory £660
House of Nicholas 2008
UK18 Ivory £649
Mori Lee 2105
UK18 Ivory £895
Mori Lee 2813
UK18 Ivory £1450
Mori Lee 5616
UK18 Ivory £1120
Mori Lee 6805
UK18 Ivory £795
Mori Lee 8126
UK18 Ivory £1450
Maggie Sottero Penny
UK18 Persian Mist £1050
Maggie Sottero Rayna
UK18 Ivory over Champagne £1150
Sincerity 3730
UK18sh Ivory £895
Sincerity 3911
UK18 Ivory £1100
Sincerity 3771
UK18 Ivory £1145
Sincerity 3871
UK18 Sand/Ivory £1020
Sincerity 4015
UK18 Ivory £1110
Alfred Angelo Cinderella 205
UK18 Ivory £960
House of Nicholas 2222
UK20(N) Ivory £665
House of Nicholas 2111
UK20 Ivory £595
House of Nicholas 2104
UK20 Ivory £595
House of Nicholas 2213
UK20(N) Ivory £695
Maggie Sottero B
UK20 Ivory £1600
Maggie Sottero Saige
UK20 Ivory £1450
Maggie Sottero Vonae
UK20 Antique Ivory
Sincerity 3973
UK20 Ivory/Champ £1180
Mori Lee 8102
UK20 Ivory £1450
Mori Lee 3214
UK20 Ivory £1300
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    Since recently closing our store in Watford, you can now find our collection of off the peg wedding gowns at

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