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Protecting Our Brides From Germs!

How well protected are you from germs when trying on wedding gowns in bridal stores?

As well as protecting our gowns, the health and safety of our customers is paramount.

It's well documented and common knowledge, that most bridal shops keep a selection of sample dresses for brides to try on and order from. These same samples can individually be tried on a handful of times or in some bridal stores, hundreds of times, by brides looking for that perfect dress for their wedding day, before they are dry cleaned or sold on as ex sample gowns. That's a lot of make-up stains, and as gruesome as it sounds, fluid from runny noses, sore spots and loose skin on the gowns.......Yuk!!

At Brides-2-B in Watford, we always adhere to the health and safety of our brides, by dry cleaning our gowns regularly and offering our disposable breathable face masks during appointments.

To avoid any trips and falls on our laminate floors, dresses are always placed on and over our brides heads, when trying them on and taking them off. Wearing a disposable, breathable face mask, for a few seconds at a time, during a bridal appointment helps to not only eliminate the transfer of makeup, but more importantly reduce the transfer of possible germs on a gown from one customer to another........something that other bridal stores may not always take as seriously as we do!

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