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Wedding Gown Trade Fair Time.......Have your Say!

With our annual London Trade Fair fast approaching, it's important that we have the views from future brides, on what they would like to see in bridal stores.

Therefore, we have been asking brides who have visited our store a few questions.

What would you like to see more in bridal stores you are visiting?

What trends would you like to see in bridal wear?

What trends don't you like?

What fabrics would you like to see more of?

Here are some of the answers we received.

"I'd like to see more colour in stores. Its really hard to find a dress that you can order in silver, I looked everywhere then settled for Ivory, which I know was for the best, but it would have been nice to try at least one silver one on"

"I'm sick of lace. Some shops only have lace, is there any other fabrics out there anymore? so glad you had chiffon and satin.'

"I really don't like those 2 piece wedding gowns, with your belly out for all to see......no one wants to see my belly!"

"I love lace sleeves, but can you find dresses that have a detachable sleeve option so that I can take them off in the evening?"

"I would like a detachable train, so I can take it off when we have our first dance and not worry about it being trod on all night"

"Exact matching lace veils would be good. Although you did find a pretty good match for my dress"

We would love to know your views.

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